H2020 F-Interop

F-Interop is revolutionizing the way interoperability events are conducted. We are building a cloud-based system which allows implementors to meet online to test their implementations against one another, verify compliance in a automated way, and verify the performance of their implementations on large scale testbeds. This significantly cuts down time-to-market for standards-based solutions, and eventually leads to more standards-based products on the market. The F-Interop platform starts by targetting 6TiSCH, 6LoWPAN and CoAP standards, but our ambition is for F-Interop to become the standard way of doing interoperability, at least at the IETF IoT level.

  • Duration of the project: Nov 2015 – Oct 2018 (36 Months)
  • EC funding: 3M euros
  • Consortium:
    1. University Pierre and Marie Curia (France) [Coordinator]
    2. iMinds (Belgium)
    3. ETSI (France)
    4. EANTC (DE)
    5. Mandat International (CH)
    6. Digital Capapult (UK)
    7. University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
    8. Inria (France)
    9. Device Gateway (CH)

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