Talk “Modeling and Management of Rechargeable Batteries” by Dr. Ruben Milocco!!

Monday 15-May-2023, 2-3pm, Inria Paris, A215 Title: Modeling and Management of Rechargeable Batteries Abstract: Lithium technology has greatly expanded the applications of rechargeable batteries, which consist of hundreds of electrochemical cells requiring a management system. This talk introduces various aspects of battery management, including the electrochemical battery model, electromotive force,…

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Sensors article accepted for publication!

A Historical Twist on Long Range Wireless: Building a 103 km Mesh Network Replicating Claude Chappe’s Telegraph. Mina Rady, Jonathan Munoz, Razanne Abu-Aisheh, Mališa Vučinić, José Astorga Tobar, Alfonso Cortes, Quentin Lampin, Dominique Barthel, Thomas Watteyne. MDPI Sensors, Special Issue IoT Multi Sensors, October 2022.

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