New VANET videos published!

Vehicular Ad hoc NETworks, known as VANETs, are deployed to reduce the risk of road accidents as well as to improve passenger comfort by allowing vehicles to exchange different kinds of data. Since safety applications in VANETs have stringent QoS requirements, an efficient Medium Access Control (MAC) and routing protocols that can provide a broadcast service with bounded access delays and minimum transmission collision are required.

Designing an efficient TDMA-based MAC protocol is an important issue in VANETs due to the rapid changes in network topology and the lack of infrastructure. In this work, we have proposed a completely distributed and infrastructure-free TDMA scheduling scheme, named DTMAC which exploits the linear topology of VANETs.

We propose TRPM, TDMA-aware Routing Protocol for real-time and Multi-hop communications to allow a vehicle to send a safety message over a long distance through multiple relay vehicles.

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