Talk by Saadi Boudjit

Usage of UAVs in safety-critical scenarios: Routing and topology
maintenance concerns

L2TI Lab, University Sorbonne Paris Nord, France

Monday 11-Mar-2024, 2pm, A115


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), aka Drones, were originally designed for military use. Recently, however, smaller and cheaper UAVs have become available due to recent technological advances such as battery miniaturisation and the standardisation of suitable communication technologies, enabling a wide range of civilian uses including search-and-rescue and aerial photography. They represent a flexible, relatively low cost solution with modest fixed infrastructure needs. These applications are usually made possible through a fleet of cooperative UAVs that exchange data in ad hoc multi-hop communication to enlarge the covered area. Indeed, UAVs are capable of ground-to-air and air-to-air communication making them coordinating their planning, handing-off and reorganizing tasks to accomplish their mission goals efficiently. However, a fleet of UAVs may face frequent link failures due its dynamic sparse linear architecture. In this talk, I will highlight some existing popular applications of UAV networks with a particular focus on the network connectivity maintenance to cope with the real-time needs of some safety-critical scenarios. I will also introduce some related routing solutions to further enhance the routing quality by providing alternative routes to broken air connection among UAVs.

About the speaker

Saadi Boudjit is Associate Professor and member of the L2TI laboratory at the university Sorbonne Paris Nord. He received his Ph.D from INRIA Paris and was a research fellow with Telecom ParisTech for one year. Dr. Boudjit is the initiator and chair of ACM MobileHealth workshop, which aims at providing a forum for the interaction of multiple areas related to pervasive wireless healthcare systems. He also acted or still acts as TPC member of several IFIP, ACM and IEEE conferences and workshops (HealthCom, MobileHealth, ICC, Globecom, CAMAD, WCNC, WONS, VTC, DCOSS, …). His research interests include wireless networks, parallel and distributed computing, protocols and architecture design for mobile ad hoc networks, wireless sensor networks, vehicular networks, and eHealth systems.

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