Provide duly tested, benchmarked and certified Security & Trust solutions for large-scale IoT using upgraded FIRE large-scale IoT/Cloud testbeds properly-equipped for Security & Trust experimentations. The goals of the project are to (1) upgrade FIRE testbeds for supporting large-scale IoT Security & Trust experiments, (2) Provide experimented solutions for Secure & Trusted large-scale IoT environments and (3) develop Benchmarks, framework and certification for Secure & Trusted large-scale IoT.

  • Duration of the project: FebĀ 2016 – JanĀ 2018 (24 Months)
  • EC funding: 2M euros
  • Consortium:
    1. University Pierre and Marie Curia (France) [Coordinator]
    2. Inria (France)
    3. Synelixis Solutions Ltd (Greece)
    4. Smartesting Solutions & Services (France)
    5. Unparallel Innovation Lda (Portugal)
    6. Joint Research Centre – European Commission (Belgium)
    7. Easy Global Market SAS (France)
    8. Odin Solution S.L. (Spain)

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