IPSO CHALLENGE 2015 WINNER People’s Choice Award!

Joint project with Brett Warneke at Linear Technology.
Pneumatic retinopexy is an effective surgery to treat retinal detachment. Its downside is that it requires the patient to keep his/her head in a specific position for 1-3 weeks. This is very physically and emotionally unpleasant, as the patient is constantly in fear of dozing off for a couple of hours in the wrong position, which, in the worst case, can result in the loss of sight. The HeadsUp! project proposes an IP-enabled Smart Object which revolutionizes this post-surgery experience. It continuously and wirelessly reports the position of the head to a computer, which emits a warning directly and/or through other IP-enabled objects when the head exceeds the tolerance for the recommended position. The system, built upon Linear Technology’s SmartMesh IP, can also alert the ophthalmologist to the excursion so that he/she can intervene.

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  • Web: http://www.headsup.tech/
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  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/heads_up_tech
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Looking for partners!

We strongly believe that this technology can revolutionize the efficiency of pneumatic retinopexy and can be used in many other medical applications. If you’re interested in partnering on developing this technology, contact thomas.watteyne@inria.fr.

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